dot (neenerpeen) wrote in realgalsecrets,

Secret Submission post 2- Decisions

As you are probably all aware the secrets have now been posted to the original community.
We said that if this were to occur we would leave it up to you to decide whether to keep this community going.
Now is your chance. 
Feel free to post your thoughts.

If we any receive secrets we will post them on Sunday.
All we will say, is that we are willing to post your secrets every week.
We love secrets as much as you do

This is where you submit your secrets,
but before posting...

01-  All secret images must be at most 600x600 px in size. Images bigger than that will not be posted.
02- JPGs and GIFs only
03- DO NOT forget to post as anonymous. We will not be responsible if anybody finds out who posted which secrets.

Use this format :
`image description here` (optional)
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